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Ten Thousand Miles

I started walking for exercise six days per week on January 1st, 2013. Today I crossed the 10,000 Mile mark.

10,000 Miles,  It took me almost 53 Months,  1272 Days Walked, almost 8 Miles per walk.

During this time I fell in love with walking races.

Race History

5 – 24 hour races (100 or more miles in each) On Four Continents.
2 – 12 hour races (56 miles and 58.44 miles)
2 – 50km races (sub 6 hour finish on each)
16 – Marathons (10 under 5 hours)
9 – Half Marathons

RACE TOTALS –  34 Races  –  1215.85 Miles  –  254 hours 17 minutes 7 seconds – Race Pace Average 12 minutes 33 seconds per mile.

This is a long time to keep a New Years Resolution. I can honestly say, Walking has Changed my Life.


In the News and Videos

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A great Blog post about the African Centurion by my Friend and Fellow Centurion Dave Ingram.

Video about the South African Centurion. I make a cameo early in the video.

I great article from the Australian magazine The Monthly by Paul Connolly about the Centurion race in Coburg, Victoria.

My Profile on the Australian Centurion Website. Thanks Tim Erickson.

A video taken at the end of the 2015 A2A Marathon by my Friend Joe Freeland.