My 2018 Goal

The Persian King Darius during The Persian Wars against the Athenians appointed a slave to remind him every day, “Master, remember the Athenians!”  Darius did not want to forget what happened to him in Greece. He wanted that fire inside him to Burn!

That is how I feel about New Zealand. I want that fire to conquer the New Zealand Centurion to burn inside me. I want to remember everyday. Everything I eat. Every training step I take in preparation. Every push-up, chin-up and squat. Every minute of planks. I am going back to New Zealand. I will add that last Centurion badge to my collection.

My Goal for 2018.

The quest to Walk 100 miles in 24 Hours in New Zealand!

Going to be Fun!

I have a January marathon in Louisiana. The 50k at Cowtown in February. (Both of my previous 50K’s have been sub 6 hour. I will continue that trend.) March and April Oklahoma Marathons. In June I return to the United States Centurion qualifier. Add another 100 mile finish in Minneapolis. After the FANS 24 hour I will move to the 400 meter track for all my long walks. I will train for every possible scenario in New Zealand. There will be no surprises. I will be ready. Remember New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “My 2018 Goal

  1. James Bassett

    All sounds good except for the last part. Prepare for every eventuality but always expect the unexpected. Always accept that there is a good chance something will happen that will throw all of your well laid plans out of the window. Then, if/when that happens, you’ve got a much better chance of dealing with it. Ironically I think it was Perry Newburn, the Kiwi who ran the length of New Zealand, who said that. I’m pretty sure it was in this podcast which is well worth a listen;


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