Training November 11th – 17th

This week 29.6 Miles, 6 hours 07 minutes 19 seconds, Pace average 12:25. 3424 calories

Saturday November 11th – 4.8 Miles in 1:01:01 pace average 12:43. 5 sets of 70 push-ups. 17 minutes of Planks

Sunday November 12th – 8.0 miles in 1:37:52 pace average 12:14. 3 sets of 30 squats

Monday November 13th – Unscheduled day off.

Tuesday November 14th – 4.8 Miles in 59:25 pace average 12:23. 4 sets of 6 chin-ups.

Wednesday November 15th –¬†Unscheduled day off.

Thursday November 16th –¬†12.0 Miles in 2:29:00 pace average 11:25. 3 sets of 30 squats

Friday November 17th – Date Night with my Wife!

My work is always busy around the Holidays. Smoked Meat Business. I just get in a workout when I can. Makes it hard to stick to a schedule. As a result my Louisiana Marathon will suffer the first part of January. However I had already decided that my Marathon season was for training. The only race I am looking ahead towards is The United States Centurion Qualifier at FANS in June. Just going to add up mileage as I get a chance.

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