Training September 30th – October 6th

This week 22.4 Miles, 4 hours 31 minutes 40 seconds, Pace average 12:08.  2826 calories

Saturday September 30th – 4.8 miles in 59:24 pace average 12:22

Sunday October 1st – 8 miles in 1:36:43 pace average 12:05

Monday October 2nd – 4.8 miles in 56:48 pace average 11:50.

Tuesday October 3rd – 4.8 miles in 58:46 pace average 12:15. Before leaving for the Airport

Wednesday October 4th – Lost this day over the international date line.

Thursday October 5th – Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand

Friday October 6th – Touring the North Island.

Looking very forward to my Centurion attempt here in Auckland tomorrow. The forecast is dry at the start. Excited.

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