Training June 3rd – 9th

This week 104.0 Miles  23 hours 56 minutes 49 seconds. Pace average 13:49.  12326 calories 

Saturday June 3rd – Noon start of the Continental Centurion Qualifier

Sunday June 4th – 104 Miles in 23:56:49

Monday June 5th – Day Off in Amsterdam. Canal cruise Dinner.

Tuesday June 6th – Travel Day back to the United States

Wednesday June 7th – Day Off

Thursday June 8th – Day Off

Friday June 9th – Dinner to finish Date WEEK with my Wife!

Wow what a Race in The Netherlands. Took the rest of the week off. By Thursday all my foot blisters were drying out nicely. Except for blisters, ankle and foot bruising nothing else sore or hurt. Enjoying my down time and some ice cream. Starting to miss my walking and training regiment.

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