Training April 22nd – 28th

This week 31.2 Miles, 5 hours 59 minutes 45 seconds, Pace average 11:32.  4106 calories

Saturday April 22nd – 4.8 Miles in 55:26 pace average 11:33.  5 sets of 75 push-ups.

Sunday April 23rd – 8 Miles in 1:32:08 pace average 11:31. 3 sets of 30 squats. 21 minutes of Planks.

Monday April 24th – 4.8 Miles in 56:23 pace average 11:45.  4 sets of 8 chin-ups, 3 rounds boxing the heavy bag.

Tuesday April 25th – 4.8 Miles in 56:20 pace average 11:44.

Wednesday April 26th – 4.8 Miles in 54:26 pace average 11:20.

Thursday April 27th – 4 Miles in 45:02 pace average 11:15.

Friday April 28th – Date night with my Wife!

My taper this week worked just like it is supposed to work. I feel rested with fresh legs. I had not given much thought to this weekends Marathon in Oklahoma City. Just a supported training walk with 10,000+ other people. Now I feel excited. Two years ago the Oklahoma City marathon changed how I raced. I relaxed. I absorbed myself into every aspect of the race. I made a point to touch every child’s hand during the race that held it out for encouragement. I made eye contact with every child holding out a water cup. Letting them know it was their cup I wanted. It changed me. The race is about all of us. Not just me. I make a point to Thank every support person I can during and after a race. I am so pleased I found and added walking to my life. I have never felt this fit. I have never felt this good. The realization that my journey is not just about myself has made me a better person. It has made me ALIVE!

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