Training April 15th – 21st

This week 51.2 Miles, 10 hours 10 minutes 55 seconds, Pace average 11:56.  6904 calories

Saturday April 15th – 4.8 Miles in 57:21 pace average 11:57.  5 sets of 75 push-ups. 21 minutes of Planks.

Sunday April 16th – 20 Miles in 3:59:33 pace average 11:59.  3 sets of 30 squats.

Monday April 17th – 4.8 Miles in 56:50 pace average 11:50. 4 sets of 8 chin-ups, 3 rounds boxing the heavy bag.

Tuesday April 18th – 4.8 Miles in 56:49 pace average 11:51. 5 sets of 75 push-ups.

Wednesday April 19th – 12 Miles in 2:23:35 pace average 11:58.  3 sets of 30 squats.

Thursday April 20th – 4.8 Miles in 56:46 pace average 11:50.

Friday April 21st – Date night with my Wife!

My weekly pace average has gone up since March. I just can’t make myself walk any faster. I know why. I am looking ahead to my Continental Centurion Qualifier in six weeks. I wont need speed in the Netherlands. As to my Marathon next week my plan is a 4:59 finish. I am not going to risk an injury. I have to remember my goal. My Goal is to join every world Centurion Club. Marathons for fun. Ha, that sounds funny “Marathons for fun”.

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