Training March 25th – 31st

This week 37.4 Miles, 7 hours 06 minutes 50 seconds, Pace average 11:25.   5095 calories

Saturday March 25th – 2.4 Mile Shakeout walk in 25:56 pace average 10:48.

Sunday March 26th – 26.2 Miles at the A2A Marathon in 4:53:18 pace average 11:12.

Monday March 27th – Day Off

Tuesday March 28th – Another Day Off

Wednesday March 29th – 4 Miles in 49:04 pace average 12:16.

Thursday March 30th – 4.8 Miles in 58:25 pace average 12:10.

Friday March 31st – Date night with my Wife!

I am very pleased with my A2A Marathon this last week. Took the rest of the week as a light recovery week. My training focus changes now. Time to prepare for my Continental European Centurion Qualifier. Focus more on the miles and less on the speed. Nine weeks away.

I want one of these!  They will not just give me one. I will have to earn it.


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