2017 A2A Marathon

My fourth year in a row to race this tough local Marathon. I always struggle in this point to point Marathon. The race has a Big down hill stretch early in the race. Nothing wrong with that. It is that long hill climbing up out of the caddo creek bottom. The rolling hills on the last 10km that make it tough.

This year the weather was a cool 48 degrees with light wind. Warmed up to 72 degrees with 20 mph wind at the finish. I started stiff with sore shins. My legs felt like they were made of concrete. About mile four I loosened up. From there to mile 23 I was smooth and fast. Well under my PB pace. The race felt easy. Then in typical A2A Marathon fashion the headwind and hills took their toll around mile 23. I ran out of gas. Rather than push on and risk possible injury I just eased up. Coasted in. A great Marathon for me. My third best finish time. Best finish ever at the A2A for me. I knew going in my recovery from Cowtown was not complete. Very Pleased. I finished with a 4:53:18.

The advantage of a race close to home is my support staff. My grandkids Dalton, Aubrey and Grandmom. I was GLAD to see them near the finish.


2 thoughts on “2017 A2A Marathon

  1. Albin Hess

    Well done Rob. You have a good time for the course. Next week is Coburg 24 here and Tim is very buissy. I will start.this year, I’m to slow.to.have a chance for the Centurion. 2018 will be my year to get a batch. Enjoy Easter with your family.


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