2017 Cowtown 50K

I was not pleased with my Back2Back Marathon performance during the New Years double.  I was so slow it embarrassed me. I thought it over and added speed training back into my workouts. That simple change has resparked my excitement. As a result I set a Big goal for The Cowtown Ultra Marathon 50K. I wanted to finish sub 5:50. I have been thinking about a goal after I finish my World Centurion Quest. The Netherlands has an Award for any Walker that can finish a 100K in 11:30 hours. The Honderdman 100 Man Pin. A very tough challenge mix of speed and endurance. If I can not do a 50K sub 5:45 the Honderdman 100 Man Pin is out of the question. Test one for 2017 a 5:50 50K.

The setting, one of my favorite races. The Cowtown Ultra in Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth is always a fun weekend for my Wife and I. We Love it. The weather this year was perfect. 40 degrees with 20 mph wind and cloudy. Warmed up to 60 degrees. I dressed with shorts and a short sleeve shirt. If I am going to race fast I want to stay cool.

My goal pace a 11:15. I started faster than that and it felt easy. The whole race felt easy up to the marathon distance. I was almost two minutes under pace. Then I got that feeling. That feeling like my hamstrings were going to cramp. I have had those cramps before. I have to stop and painfully try and rub out the cramp. It blows about five minutes. Five minutes it took the whole race to gain. It is much better to just slow down a little. Keep walking but without the hard push. It worked. I sped back up. Then it happened again. So for four miles I walked the tight rope between a cramp and as fast as I could. I knew I was going to be close to my goal time. I just could not risk a five minute cramp. So I crossed the line with a 5:50:45. So close. I am pleased. I have only trained for speed again for seven weeks. After my Centurion race in New Zealand in October I will start training for the 2018 Cowtown 50K. The Goal……………..Sub 5:45.


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