New Years Double Marathon

Day One

My second year to race these Back2Back Marathons in Allen, Texas. A small very well organized race. This year I had no intentions of racing. Just using the race as a nice Back2Back training weekend. Training with a bunch of like minded folks with support. Four 6.55 mile laps on wide concrete sidewalks. It was a little cool at the begInning. It ended up almost too warm at the end. As I expected I have lost my speed. I never was fast. I could however hold a pace under 12 minutes with no problem. Not any more. I focused on 100 mile Centurion races and it cost me on my marathons. I am not worried about it. I want to join every World Centurion club. That is my ONLY goal. Marathon’s for training. I finished with a 5:24:53. Tomorrow will be very close to Centurion pace.

Day Two

Centurion training on tired legs today. I didn’t care if I finished dead last. I just wanted the training miles. To my surprise I felt good. If you ever think about trying a Centurion race. Try a back to back marathon. That second day will give you a good idea what a Centurion walk feels like. I finished today in 5:46:46

I really like this race. So much of the race is an out and back you get to see everyone many times. A very personal race. My only problem is when the race takes place. December is a very busy Month at work for me. I have dropped all November races. Now I will add December to that list as well. Spring and early fall races for me.

2 thoughts on “New Years Double Marathon

  1. Dave Ingram

    Ok so I tried to post that the second marathon should be a few minutes faster than the first. but i see you matched last year second marathon time.. Great result! Just finishing these must be hard.. Over easter we do 100+ starting 42 on Friday the 32 20 20 or similar , its amazing what the body can do!

    My goal pace for Comrades this year is pretty much 12 minute miles.. Hoping for a sub 11.. As long as one has a goal its great!

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      Thanks Dave, I’m not ready to throw in the speed towel yet. In eight weeks I have The Cowtown 50k. Last year I finished under 6 hours. Same goal this year. I can’t race Comrades this year but when I do The Cowtown 50 is my best chance to qualify. Best of luck to You and Liz in 2017 as you both train for Comrades. Rob


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