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For me 2016 was a BIG Year. Four years ago I made my New Years resolution to walk 6 days per week. Who knew how far walking would take me? Took my first ever international trip. Flew down to Melbourne, Australia in April. While I was there I joined the Australian Centurion Club. C68. Only the second American member. The trip to Australia was so much fun in August I flew to Edinburgh, Scotland. Rode the train down to Redcar, England. While I was there I joined the British Centurion Club. C1169. Only the second American member in the 105 year club history. If you can walk two one hundred mile races in a year why not attempt a third. In October I flew down to Cape Town, South Africa. While I was there I joined the inaugural African Centurion Club. C11.

What did I learn from 2016. Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Three international One hundred mile races in the same year was tough on my body. My goal has been to join all six world Centurion Clubs. In a Centurion race you must pace yourself. I also need to pace myself on the number of Centurions I race each year. What would be wrong with one a year? I did that in 2015 with the United States Centurion.

So now I have two Centurion clubs left to join. The Continental Centurion Qualifier in Weert, Netherlands and the New Zealand Centurion Qualifier in Auckland. The races are four months apart.

My Goal for 2017.  Finish my quest. Attempt Both Centurion Qualifiers.  I think I would go crazy in October watching the New Zealand race on the internet. Knowing I could be there racing. After all, two International Centurion Races in a year can’t be that hard. Right? Going to be fun!


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  1. Darryl


    Congratulations on your achievements this year and wishing you much success in in 2017. Your blog is both a great read and motivating.



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