Training October 29th – November 4th

This week 14.4 Miles

Saturday October 29th – Day Off

Sunday October 30th – Day Off

Monday October 31st – Day Off

Tuesday November 1st  –  4.8 Miles, 5 sets of 65 push-ups. 15 minutes of Planks.

Wednesday November 2nd – 4.8 Miles, 3 sets of 20 squats

Thursday November 3rd – 4.8 Miles, 4 sets of 5 chin-ups.

Friday November 4th – Date night with my Wife!

I push mowed my half acre lawn Saturday. I had some discomfort in my left knee. So I took a few more days off from training. I have no reason to risk an injury. My next Centurion Qualifier is in seven months. I can use my back2back marathons in 8 weeks as training. I don’t have to race them.  Just a nice slow recovery. Keeping my eye on the BIG goal.


2 thoughts on “Training October 29th – November 4th

  1. Chris

    Hi Rob,
    I had written a much longer response, with several questions, but your spamshield killed it. So I’ll just ask one question to make sure it gets through.
    What pace/speed do you complete your daily 4.8 mile workout?

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      Hello Chris,
      Sorry about the filter killing your questions. Most of my 4.8 mile walks are what I consider recovery walks. Recovery from my long walks each week. I average 12:59 minutes per mile pace. I am about to start my Marathon and 50k season. Two of my 4.8 mile days will be speed days. I will average just under 11:00 minutes per mile pace. I have spent so much time this year working on Centurion races I don’t know if I can recover my speed. Going to find out starting next week. Feel free to send any questions to my email address.

      Thanks, Rob


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