Training September 24th – 30th

This week 55.2 Miles

Saturday September 24th –  4.8 Miles on the treadmill,

Sunday September 25th – 24 Miles on the treadmill in 5:20:00.

Monday September 26th – Travel Day home from Vegas.

Tuesday September 27th –  4.8 Miles

Wednesday September 28th – 12 Miles LSD in 2:34:33. 3 sets of 30 squats

Thursday September 29th – 4.8 Miles

Friday September 30th – 4.8 Miles

Busy this week. Between travel and my Grandson’s Baseball games. I had to skip my strength training.  Skipping the walking was never an option. Regular workouts next week and then a slow taper.


4 thoughts on “Training September 24th – 30th

  1. Darryl


    I noticed on the African Centurion site that there will be ” live updates on individual progress”. Has any of the other Centurion races utilized chip timing
    and did they provide the ability to track online?



    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      The FANS United States Centurion qualifier has been the only race I have done without electronic tracking Darryl. Australia, Great Britain and Africa have tracking. For anyone that reads this The link for tracking the race in Cape Town is

      P.S. Thanks for pointing out I had pushed the wrong button Sunday. A had a duh moment.

  2. Darryl

    Five hours on a treadmill ….while you are on an anniversary trip in Vegas? That’s dedication! Hope the training is going well for South Africa.

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      Ha ha Darryl. I need to plan my Vegas trip next time during my race taper. Training is going good. I should be in top form for Africa. Rob


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