Training August 27th – September 2nd

This week 51.2 Miles

Saturday August 27th – 4 Miles, 5 sets of 70 push-ups, 21 minutes of Planks

Sunday August 28th –  20 Miles LSD in 4:19:56. Did not feel the love today.  3 sets of 30 squats

Monday August 29th – 4.8 Miles, 4 sets of 8 chin-ups.

Tuesday August 30th-  4.8 Miles, 5 sets of 70 push-ups.

Wednesday August 31st – 12 Miles LSD in 2:41:18. 3 sets of 30 squats

Thursday September 1st – 4.8 Miles.

Friday September 2nd – Date night with my Wife!

Tough walk on Sunday. I don’t know why. Some days you just don’t feel the love. If You want to be a Centurion this is good training. During a 100 mile race there will be times you will not feel the love. We still train when it is not fun. We get through it. We gut it out. We finish. In a race you will have some rough patches. You don’t stop. You gut it out. You Finish. You will need that kind of mental training if you intend to become a Centurion. I also skipped some strength workouts. I always have a spell like this between recovery and preparation for my next race. I call it a reset. There, I am now reset. Seven weeks to Africa.


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