August 6th – 12th

This week 100 Miles

Saturday August 6th – Start of the 105th British Centurion Qualifier

Sunday August 7th –  100 miles in 22:19:37.

Monday August 8th – Day Off

Tuesday August 9th –  Day Off

Wednesday August 10th – Day Off. One L  O  N  G  travel day.

Thursday August 11th – Day Off

Friday August 12th – Date night with my Wife!

What a Great Trip and Race. Everything about this experience far exceeded my wildest dreams. Resting now. Eating a bunch of food I have had to pass on for weeks. I ended up with one blister on each heel. A sore left knee. Start back walking on Saturday. Strength training starts on Tuesday. A nice slow recovery. Then just enough miles to maintain my Fitness level. I will not be doing any hard training this cycle. No back2backs. My goal is to step onto the African Continent with rested, fit legs in 10 weeks.



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