International Centurion Races

Take a race as demanding as a Centurion. Add in long travel. Change of time zones. Sleep deprivation. New foods. POW you have transformed a tough race into an even tougher race. Below are a few tips that have helped me with International Centurion Races.

Plan every detail in advance: The day of your trip is not the time to find out you booked the wrong night at the hotel. Plan everything in advance. Go over your plan again and again. Check your passport. Visa. Required vaccinations. Make sure you packed everything you need for the race. Warm gear. Wet Gear. An extra change of everything.  Do not risk missing the Race you trained so hard for because you overlooked something.  Plan well = race well = SUCCESS.

Plan extra time: Leave early for the airport. Arrive early for the train. Get to the race early. Plan extra time for everything. Avoid all stress on your trip. Avoid all stress on race day. Get worked up when they pin that Centurion Badge on your shirt. The rest of the time, Calm Cool Collected.

Fly Business Class: This might not be possible. Business class is expensive. All the little extras make it worth the price. A more comfortable seat. Possibly even a bed. Priority boarding. Use of the express lane at airport screening. Priority baggage handling. Use of the airport lounge during layovers. Save up your money. These little extras are worth the price.

Pack a Carry on Bag: Pack your race shoes, socks and clothes in your carry on bag. Pack every item you MUST have in this bag. Most of the time your luggage will arrive when you do. Don’t risk arriving at the race without your race gear. Carry it with you.

Drink lots of water: One of the perks of flying business class is they have a bottle of water waiting at your seat. Drink it. They will bring another. Drink all you can during your travel. I get so worked up during travel I forget to drink. Staying hydrated during travel will help you during your Centurion race.

Don’t change your diet: I love to eat. Travel brings new foods. New times of the day to eat. Take advantage of every new food and every meal you can After the race”. Before the race do NOT change your diet. Nothing makes a Centurion race more uncomfortable than digestive distress. It is not worth it. Enjoy your race then eat you own weight in food after and on the way back home.

Take Airborne: Airborne® products contain a combination of key immune supporting vitamins and minerals plus a proprietary blend of natural herbs. Most likely you will not be alone on your flights. You will be sharing the air with several hundred people for as long as 14 hours. Some of them will be sick. Boost your odds of staying well with a boost of vitamins and minerals. Take as often as recommended on the package.

Sleep Sleep Sleep: Sleep as much as you can when ever you can. Have your seat on the plane turned into a bed. Sleep. When you get to your room. sleep. A 24 hour race is still a 24 hour race overseas. Stock up on your sleep.

International races are expensive. Failure is not an option: This is a mindset. International travel is very expensive. Flights, hotels, transportation, tours, food. Almost double if you travel with your spouse or a supporter.  Failure can NOT be an option. You are going to do your Centurion race. You are going to be successful. Nothing is going to stop you. You will not quit.

Enjoy your International Centurion Race. Just because you have decided to make the race harder. Does not mean you can’t still enjoy the experience. Race hard. Become an International Centurion.

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