2016 Cowtown 50K

2016 Cowtown 50K in Fort Worth, Texas. Last year I was trained and ready for this race. Two days before North Texas had a major ice storm. The race was changed to a half marathon. This year I was more trained and extra ready for this 50K.  The weather this year was perfect. Not too cold at the start, 55 degrees. Not too hot at the end, 75 degrees.

I just had a peace about this race. The plan. A five hour Marathon and then just five more miles at Marathon pace. Wow. Turns out it is that “just five more miles” that makes the 50K a bear. I felt good all race. I felt like I was holding back up to about mile 23. At that point I could put the pedal down or finish easy just under Six hours. By mile 30 I knew I had made the right choice. ┬áThe last thing my Wife told me when I went out the door for the race, “Remember Your race in Australia in April.” I picked the easy finish. 5:57:17. I am very Pleased. The 50K is a very good endurance test. I will race The Cowtown 50K every February. Love everything about the Fort Worth experience. One of these years that Cowtown 50K and I are going to see who is the boss.



434970_222153427_MediumMile 24


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