2015 24 The Hard Way

I did the 12 hour race at 24 The Hard Way in Oklahoma City. Used this as a long supported training walk. I love timed races. This is one of the best. Perfect course. Great support. A must do race. The real truth is I wanted to see if all the hard work this summer paid off. A test of my fitness level. The 12 hour started three hours before the 24 hour racers. This should not make any difference. My race strategy should be the same. There was a United States Centurion in the 24 hour. Yes I am a Centurion also. But still I wanted to race my best. Look good in the company I was in. Add up as many miles as I could early. The morning was perfect. Almost too cool at start. Overcast all day. Light wind, cool all day. I went out fast. Sub 12:00 minute miles. I felt great. No taper and still fresh legs. After a month of messaging back and forth I met C48 Ivo Majetic. Ivo is one of the Worlds fastest long distance race walkers. A lot of pressure on me to look good. I raced a beauty. No where as smooth or fast as Ivo. He uses his arms more than I do. Perfect form. I did learn a lot about myself. I can push the limits of my fitness. Only issue I had was my stomach. Mister cast iron stomach had to fight today. There are so many different things that can go wrong in these races. I faded a little toward the end. Ended up with 58.44 miles. A personal best. Men’s Masters Champion. ¬†Always a thrill to race beside another Centurion. It is a magical bond we share. Next up for me. A 100 mile attempt at the UltraCentric 24 hour in just under four weeks. No pressure in this race.






2 thoughts on “2015 24 The Hard Way

  1. Joey

    Don’t you just love 24THW. I usually volunteer but would love to race it one day. I’m sorry I missed getting to see you but we had to make a quick trip from Stillwater to Thackerville and couldn’t afford the time to stop. Afraid that you would have just been a blur! Congrats Rob!

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      I am glad you and your family were not in the parade tragedy. Yes it is a great race. I loved everything about it. We will be racing together before you know it Joe.


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