The Centurion Race and training takes a big toll on your feet. My feet changed once I found the right shoes. I have Morton’s toe. My feet gave me lots of problems at high mileage. After much research I made the switch to better shoes. I now wear Altra Torin’s. These shoes have Zero Drop and a Very wide toe box. The zero drop took some getting use to. My toes loved the wide toe box. In fact my feet changed. My toes spread out.  With the extra room my feet made adjustments so my second toe and big toe are the same length. It has worked. All my foot problems went away. Happy feet make happy Centurions.

The one problem I have occasionally is blisters. I have found several things that have worked for me.

One: I no longer use any kind of lubricant on my feet.  In long races lubricant attracts dirt. Dirt makes friction.

Two: Thin Merino wool socks.

Three: Engo blister prevention patches.  These are anti friction patches that stick inside your shoes. They stop friction between your socks and shoes.  They come in many different shapes. They do not work on soaked shoes and will not stick to wet shoes.  You will need to place them before the race or before your feet get wet. I stick Engo patches in the known trouble spots on every pair of shoes while new.

Four: Silopad digital caps for big toes and digital tubes for my other toes.  It is much easier and faster to use these tubes on the toes than tape. They feel great on.

Five: I sand off all my calluses. The last thing you want in a race is a blister under a callus. There is no way to fix such a blister. Keep your calluses sanded off and those toe nails trimmed and filed.

In my Blister Box I take to each race.

Lots of Engo Blister prevention patches in several sizes.

Scissors. To cut tape and trim caps and tubes to size.

Leukotape P sports tape. This is great tape that stays stuck. Tape over the blister dressing to hold in place. Makes a barrier between your foot and the shoe.

Primapore dressing. Use to cover dehooded blisters. It sticks in place making it easier to tape in place. It keeps your blister from sticking to the tape. It holds the Orajel.

Orajel.  Numbs blisters and medicates. Thick and water resistant.

Silopad digital caps and digital tubes. Several of each. Much easier to use than trying to tape toes. Use the scissors to cut to size.

Sterile Disposable Scalpels.  I pack several of these. Open the package, sterile. Perfect for draining a blister before patching. Draining releases the pressure. Eases the pain.

Alcohol wipes. Use to clean feet. Helps the tape stick better.

Practice using all these Items on yourself. You want to be good at fixing your feet and blisters. Practice Practice Practice. The time you save patching and racing on feet that don’t hurt will help make your Centurion possible.

Blister box

Altra-Torin-1_5-A1335_BlackWhite-L Love my Altra Torin shoes.

x117735_1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wBGAcKrC8X I refuse to walk without my Dirty Girl Gaiters. I learned that lesson the hard way.


4 thoughts on “Feet

  1. James Walter

    Hi Rob. Thanks for your site; it’s very inspirational. I’ve been doing my daily 3-4 mile fitness walks in Altra Paradigm 1.5 shoes. They’re pretty worn out and ready to be replaced. I’ve really liked the shoes, but am undecided if I’d like to try the Torins. Have you tried any of the other Altra models? I’m 6′ 2″ and weigh about 240, so I guess I could benefit from cushioning vs lightness and flexibility. Your thoughts? Thanks. Jim

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      Hello Jim,
      Thank you. I remember your message from September. Glad you are still out massaging the road with your Altra’s. The only Altra shoes I have worn are the Torin’s 1.5, 2.0 and now the 2.5’s. I really do enjoy the extra cushion. Not sure how much more they weigh. Sorry I could not be more help. Once I find something that works for me I stick with it. That is not easy to do with shoes. Every upgraded model is a little different.
      Walk Well,

  2. Bob Davidson

    Great write up Rob. Absolutely accurate info that all ultra peds should follow. Congrats on your Continental Centurion quest.Three down and 3 to go! Hope to meet you soon. Bob Davidson

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      Thank You Bob. You have an impressive history in Endurance events. You have walked along side of the Biggest names in United States Racewalking. Our paths will have to cross. Rob


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