A2A Marathon Race Report

The A2A marathon is a point to point race in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  The Finish line is at the high school track.  You start with a very humbling 25 minute buss ride to the starting line.  This is my Second year to do this race.  My goal was a 5 hour marathon training walk.  That is what I did.  I got right on pace and stayed there.  I had to slow myself down several times.  My Morton’s toe on my right foot gave me fits.  It turned out to be a warm day.  Mid 70’s.  I adjusted my S-cap intake to one every 45 minutes.  It sounds funny to call a Marathon easy.  For me this race was easy.   Just the race I needed for my 100 miles in 24 hour training.  I will take a carbon copy of this race in four weeks at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  My finish time was 4:59:12.




Almost Done. Form looks good.

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