2015 Cowtown 50K Race Report

March 1st, The Cowtown 50K in Fort Worth, Texas.  Fort Worth had a snow and freezing rain event two days before the Race.  A big hats off to the Cowtown race committee and volunteers for clearing a half marathon course for us.  So my 50K turned into a half Marathon.  To be honest I did not know how to approach racing a half marathon.  Last summer I spent so much time working on speed and half marathons I burned out my legs.  Speed walking just takes me too long to recover from.  I knew I did not want to burn out my legs.  I did not want to slip and hurt anything on the ice. So, I raced by feel.  I felt great.  Wet roads and loose sand does not help the toe push needed to race walk.  Slush makes your socks wet.  I found my last Marathon pace easy to hold this race. I had a nice boost of speed the last 3 miles.  So, I had a very good Half Marathon. 2:21:56.  My legs feel great.  I am going to walk easy a couple of days then jump back into my training.  Skip my regular recovery week.  Just under 4 weeks to the A2A Marathon.




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