2015  F.A.N.S 24 Hour.  United States Centurion Qualifier.  Fort Snelling, Minnesota                      100 Miles,  22 Hours 37 Minutes 49 Seconds.  Became United States Centurion C 78.

2015 UltraCentric 24 Hour. Grapevine, Texas 100.744 Miles. 23 Hours 47 Minutes 52 Seconds.

2016 Coburg 24 Hour Carnival. Australian Centurion Qualifier. Coburg , Victoria. 100 miles,  23 hours 13 minutes 53 seconds.  101.57 miles, 24 Hours. Became Australian Centurion C 68.

2016  105th British Centurion Quailifer. Redcar, England. 100 Miles, 22 hours 19 minutes 37  seconds. Became British Centurion C 1169.

2016 Inaugural African Centurion. Robben Island, South Africa. 100 Miles, 22 hours, 36 Minutes  03 seconds. Became African Centurion C 11.

2017  Continental Centurion Qualifier. Weert, Netherlands. 100 miles, 22 hours 55 minutes 52 Seconds.  104 miles 23 hours 56 minutes 49 seconds. Became Continental Centurion C 454.



4 thoughts on “MY 100 MILERS

  1. Alan Hall

    Hello Rob
    Congratulations on becoming the ‘Keeper’ for the United States Centurions.
    My wife and I were marshals at the Redcar Blast 100 and remember your unfailing cheerfulness as you passed us on each lap. We were also impressed by the generous thanks you gave to all helpers after your finish. I am sure you will be a fine ambassador for the US Centurions and Centurion walking in general.
    Good luck with the walk in South Africa and those planned for 2017. Hope we may have the pleasure of marshalling for you sometime in the future.
    Best wishes
    Eileen and Alan Hall

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      Eileen & Alan,
      I have nothing but fond memories about my Race and the People in Redcar. These achievements are never just on the legs of the racer but shared on the backs of those who support. Thank You both for your support.

  2. Gino Masto

    Rob, I must congratulate you again on your fantastic race and result, and when you come to the Netherlands, I certainly come 🙂
    greetings Gino

    1. Rob Robertson Post author

      Thank You Gino. Congratulations to You. Enjoyed watching You race. We both shared the low spots in the race. Both enjoyed the high spots. When I watched your finish I lost it also. So much emotion built up in such a race. I will see you in Weert. Rob


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